Sparks House


best live entertainment venue in southern oregon



why a backyard concert?


The idea is simple

Book the best artists, invite the best fans &

Create the Best Experience

Think about it like this

Lets say there's a great act playing in Portland or San Francisco and about 50 fans in Southern Oregon that would love seeing them.

  • Maybe half can afford to take the time from work and travel to the show. 
  • 25 people in at least 10 cars, traveling at least 200 miles, staying in at least 10 hotel rooms and buying at least 25 meals out of town. That's a bunch of money being spent, none of which the artist sees.
  • The Musician is splitting ticket sales with the venue, and hoping that these fans have enough leftover to buy a shirt or record from their merch table.
  • We're able to change all that, include more people for less money and pay the artist much better by bringing the show right here to Southern Oregon's Own Backyard.

For the Artist

100% of the ticket proceeds. We do this because we love your music, not money.

A Great Place to Play. Conveniently located for any West Coast Tour about halfway between San Francisco and Portland, and a nice place to stay.

A Wonderful Audience. Play for folks that are genuinely excited to see you, and are used to having to travel to see good live music.

For the Fan

An Intimate and Special Show. Acts you love, without distractions and bar noises. Truly get a chance to connect to the music, and have a night you won't forget.

For Everyone

Free Food. Made-to-order Grilled Cheese & more desserts than you can handle. Seriously, nobody goes home hungry.